Food Forest for School

I want to have a Food Forest at school. I want it to be a long term affair that inspires interest in permaculture, entrepreurism and develops opportunities not only for the students, but for the school and the local community.


2 thoughts on “Food Forest for School”

  1. Jennifer Manning

    Food forest sounds like a really interesting idea and I would love to see how it develops. I agree with you that having an ecosystem that is self-sustaining and provides food is quite attractive! I’m really curious about your project and implications for my project, which I’m in the initial stages of now. Briefly, I’m undertaking a project to put together a curriculum for what I’m loosely calling a “farm school” because kids would be integral in cultivating, growing, harvesting and perhaps preparing school food. But, I can see that this has it’s limits and kids won’t want to necessarily be working in the garden year after year? Hm.

  2. Dear Shane, this is our project for our next school year ! I an the directress of L’école des Glaciers, in France, and we are now designing our forest garden with the children (from 6 to 11 years old). Happy to see other educators are having the same wish 🙂

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