Become a certified Green Educator

In the last step of the program you will receive personalized mentoring as you go complete your final project and share your learning with the community on the Open Microlearning Bank.

1 : 1 facilitation
and mentorship
Be part of a dedicated
learning group
Share your project with
the global community
Become a certified
Green Educator


Once you have 75 credits, you can start the final project. This project is for educators who have completed the Foundations and Core Microlearning requirements. You will work in small groups and support each other throughout the process. You will also receive personalized feedback and mentoring throughout the project. This is generally seen as a capstone experience before you become a certified Green Educator, and can continue on your journey to spread wall-less learning worldwide.


  • Activate your own ideas on wall-less learning, turning your ambitions into action
  • Create real change in education within your school community and the world
  • Apply tools and frameworks to suit, spread your concept or apply to your learning environment.


  • 1:1 facilitation
  • Small brainstorming group
  • Ongoing support through the creative process.