Teaching others to educate the Green School way

Learn about the history, mission and vision of our program. 

The global movement calling for a shift in our education systems is gathering increasing momentum. We all see the need for change. For breaking down the walls of education, for finding new, 21st century approaches that allow educators to soar. For students to become the best version of themselves and to find their own unique potential. For educators and students, together, to become stewards of the earth now and for future generations.

These are exciting times, full of possibilities and challenges. Supporting educators to make a shift includes equipping them with skills and know-how. We are here to help you to be part of the solution.

The Green Educators Course (GEC) provides a professional development training for educators around the world. Dynamic courses run out throughout the year, unpacking the pedagogy and fundamental design principles of Green School’s holistic, student-centered and nature-based curriculum.


This course aims to answer the following questions:
  • Why do we put sustainability at the center of our teaching and learning?
  • What are the paradigms of wall-less education?
  • What skills, behaviours, values, and mindset do we need in order to create a world that works for all?
  • What are the characteristics of transformational teaching and learning?
  • What models and design strategies can we use to educating for sustainability?

Since 2013, Green Educators Courses have brought together like-minded educators from all over the world with interests in progressing education in our changing environmental, social, and economic global landscape. The program provides opportunities to not only learn from what Green School has to offer, but is a platform to explore, share and expand ideas with others. Learning is a collaborative process between participants and the Green School community. Green School Bali educators and community members share know-how and insights with participants to offer a truly unique and enriching educational experience.


Promote a shift towards sustainability and regenerative mindset and lifestyle through education.


Creating a global network of inspired educators to transform education.

Join for about 1000 alumni who have participated in this program for almost a decade. Join a network of educators from more than 60 countries. Take your place in the movement in educating for sustainability. Join us in the #greeneducators movement for the future – now!


Noan Fesnoux

Lead Program Designer & Developer

Noan’s Profile

Noan has been working as an educator since 2003. With a degree in Marine Biology from Guelph University and a Masters in Educational Technology from the University of British Columbia, Noan consistently brings students into the only classroom that really matters: nature. He has worked with multiple startups in building bespoke programs tailored to the needs of the organization. In Vancouver, he helped establish Little Mountain Learning Academy, bringing the school from inception to one with 130 students. Over eight years at Green School Bali, Indonesia, Noan developed several programs core to the school, including Green Studies and an impactful experiential learning program for students Grade 6-12, and LEAP Academy. He moved to Budapest in July 2019 to start up the REAL School of Budapest, Hungary, a K-12 academic institution with a focus on sustainability and project-based learning.

Sal Gordon

Head of Teaching and Learning

Sal’s Profile

Sal Gordon has been at Green School Bali since 2013. He joined the school to teach Mathematics, Science, Thematics; later becoming Head of Middle School for two years – before moving into the ‘Head of Teaching and Learning – Principal’ role in August 2019.


Sal is an ‘education revolutionary’ and he believes that Green School as a new model of what a school of the future needs to do and be, is well-placed to drive the revolution that this planet needs. Sal is passionate about how humans need to adapt (to bend like bamboo) – and how life-skills and values need to be the foundation of all learning experiences for all students. Living in an ever-changing world, education systems have an obligation to adapt to new and current world problems. As Sal puts it, ‘children’s ability to adapt will determine the future of humans on this planet.’

Carolina da Riva

Community Learning Center Director

Carol’s Profile

Passionate about sustainability and education, Carol has traveled the globe as a photographer, documenting different cultures and landscapes. The opportunity to see the world and learn from traditional communities has engaged her in the mission of trying to preserve our planet, its natural resources, and its indigenous knowledge. Education is the key to her mission. Since 2015 Carol had joined the Green School Bali team and has worked across different projects at school. She is the co-founder of The Bridge, the Green School for Grown-Ups, was the manager of the Green School Student Village for 4 years, and now is fully immerse in supporting Green Educator course and Green School anywhere digital platform, bringing the already amazing on-campus curriculum to every screen in the world.

Desy Octavia

Community Learning Center Manager

Desy’s Profile

Growing up in a small town on Sumatra Island,  Desy has always been closed to nature. She continued to nurture her passion for the environment by being involved in various environmental movements. Before jumping fully into the world of education and sustainability, she explored various fields of interests and one of them is Chinese literature. She went to Guangzhou, China for a year and earned her fluency in Chinese. This skill enabled her to meet and connect with people from around the world. After teaching kindergarten for a few years in Jakarta, Desy moved to Bali and has been responsible for the Green Educators program since than. She believes in creating a program that empowers educators from all over the world to embody the value of sustainability into education for a better future of our planet.

Luh Peni Betasari

High School Indonesian Principal

Peni’s Profile

Born and raised in Bali, Peni Betasari started her career at Green School in 2009 as a Primary teacher. After 10 years of teaching in Primary, Peni got the opportunity to learn and develop her knowledge and abilities by becoming a National School Principal in High School. She is heavily involved in government matters, such as national accreditation, national examinations, and other bureaucratic matters. Peni actively coordinates with the LSP (Local Scholarship Program) team at the Green School Bali Foundation. She has helped various activities/programs in High School related to local culture and community, including Indonesian language programs. Her next goal is to enrich the High School program by creating events/opportunities to connect Green School students with the local community. Bringing more local culture to Green School is one of her dreams.

Ida Rahayu

Middle School Lead Teacher

Ida’s Profile

Ida has been a teacher at the Green School since 2012. She started as an Indonesian Language teacher at the Middle School. In 2016, Ida had the opportunity to learn about Permaculture, and earned a Graduate Certificate of Permaculture Design from Central Queensland University in Australia. This sparked her passion in Permaculture, which she further developed through courses at IDEP Bali, Kul Kul Farm as well as some courses on Syntropic Farming and Agroforestry. Her breadth of knowledge in Permaculture drove her to develop a program called Seeds to Table at Green School. Based in Permaculture ethics and principles, Seeds to Table both works to provide education about the health-based and environmental impacts of people’s eating habits, and strives to minimize waste by teaching students to grow and cook their own food. Ida expanded her community outreach by developing the program to local schools around Bali. She currently coordinates and teaches Green Studies in Middle School. She has also the mastermind of Green Warung Project, a student led enterprise project where students have the opportunity to run and manage the school cafeteria, learn real life skills in a professional work environment.

Kate Druhan

Head of Community & Environment

Oka Dwipayana

Program Support


Emily Ferguson

Former Curriculum Advisor

Sarita Pockell

Former Program Lead

Jackie Pye

Former Education Lead

John Schroeder

Former Media Specialist