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Have you completed the Foundations Course? Dive into the different methodologies and content you can apply directly within your learning environment.
Short and relevant courses
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Actionable and impactful learning experiences

Our Microlearning is a set of short courses created by our global network of Green Educators eager to share their knowledge with the world. They are short, actionable, and impactful learning experiences that will give you the chance to learn wall-less practices that are relevant within your professional context.


  • Applied Practices – Learn concrete strategies you can use in the classroom environment immediately.
  • Course Specific Training – Get coached through the process of delivering engaging and relevant courses on Educating for Sustainability
  • Systemic Change Strategies – Learn the different tools and concepts you can use to change your institution from within.

Upcoming Microlearning Courses

Find the course that interests you. This is a bank of courses created by our Green Educators community.
Coming up soon!

Circle Time and Circular Strategies

A powerful way to foster engagement, discussion, and active listening in students of all ages. This short course provides effective strategies to bring the circle into any learning environment.

Game-based Learning

Take your class and turn it into a game! This course offers a range of strategies and resources to employ games short (10-20 min) and long (4-6 weeks) in your learning environment.

Upcycled Games and Classroom Crafts

Destigmatize trash, turn it from a problem into a resource! This course will provide a suite of starter ideas on how to bring an ethos of upcycling into your learning environment.

A Focused Feedback Gallery Walk

Create powerful prompts for student-student feedback, and allow for an iterative creative process.