Green Educators Program

Educate students to start
creating a better future, now.
Learn the fundamental design principles of Green School’s holistic, student-centered and nature-based curriculum.

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Education at the core of global change

Society is aware that green change is not an option, and it’s up to the new generations to make a difference. But the idea of the effort needed to make a difference holds many people back from taking action. And it doesn’t have to be that way. We can learn to act locally and contribute to a positive impact globally.

Green School is taking action-based learning online. We want to help educate teachers, students, and adults to think, act, and reflect like green leaders, so they can become the sparks that ignites change within their communities to build a better future for all.

Green Educators Course

Learn to teach the Green School way

The Green Educators Program is a professional development training for educators around the world. Dynamic courses run throughout the year, unpacking the pedagogy and fundamental design principles of Green School’s holistic, student-centered and nature-based curriculum.

We offer 3-step program to get your Green Educator Certification

Green Educators Course Foundations

Learn the tools and approaches used by Green School to foster a ‘wall-less’ learning environment.
Learn more.

Dive into different methodologies and content you can apply directly within your learning environment.
Learn more.

Knowledge Sharing
At the end of the course, make your contribution to Green Educators’ community Open Micro-Learnings.
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Why join the Green Educators Program?

Are you ready to start?

Join one of our upcoming courses:

Onsite Primer Course

3D2N | IDR 10,764,000 | $780
Get acquainted with our learning methodology and framework through a short but meaningful experience at Green School Bali.

Self-paced Foundations Course

IDR 4,830,000 | $350
Explore the core concepts around which Green School was developed. Follow the course online, at your own pace.

Online Blended Foundations Course

6 to 10-week | IDR 10,984,800 | $796
Get access to the digital content and engage with facilitators and peers through live workshops and virtual hangouts.

Onsite Foundations Course

8D7N | IDR 26,910,000 | $1,950
Complete a fully immersive course at Green School Bali, which combines both digital content and intensive hands-on experience.

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Who is it for?

The program is for anyone who considers themselves a green change maker. It’s for educators, within any role, who feel a need to explore holistic, student-centered, and nature-based activities which they can learn to enrich the education within their school or organization.

Green education

Green Education Enthusiasts
Aspiring to learn from Green Educators how to teach the Green School way.


Experienced Educators
Looking for a professional development program to further enrich their knowledge.

School Leaders
Searching for inspiration on how to design a holistic, student-centered, and nature-based curriculum.

A global community of mission - aligned educators

Want to be a part of ongoing conversations to accelerate the much needed transformation of our education system?