Wall-less Pitch Catalog - Class September 2021


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School Roof Gardening

Transforming wasted spaces in school into outdoor learning- an environmental education within school community

The Unbecoming to Become

A series of spoken language expressing connection of being and nature to our day to day life. Breath a new life of old wisdom from

Life of Food

See and understand the life of food through Sustainability Compass which is interpreting it in nature, economy, society, and wellbeing perspective.

Wall-less Learning & Professional Development

What would wall-less professional development look like? Check out this talk and learn about how wall-less learning transformed professional development by using the Unconference framework.

Wall-less Learning

It is about my course planner that will be offered for grade 9-12 next term. In that planner, I put and apply all the materials

Bahasa Indonesia Bridge

I have been working at Green School for 7 and half years and would like to share what I’ve learnt, what I’ve experience at Green

Middle School Explore

How do we expose middle school students to the arts in a way that catches their passion and allows for teachers to share their excitement