Wall-less Pitch Catalog - Class January 2022

Litter Monster

The students learned about the litter monster, through story to explore litter- what it is, it’s impact on the environment, what can we do to

A Space to Love

How do we grow a love of nature amongst our youngest children in a highly scheduled, landscaped, urban environment? This pitch proposes a very small

From Ecophobia to Ecophilia!

Come let us help children fall in love with the magic of Nature before getting involved in the action plan! Such a powerful strategy! As


In this short piece I wanted to share some reflections and changes that I am making to my teaching in response to the material covered

Local to Global Hubs

My pitch is a about embodying the concepts learned in the Green Educators course in order to be the models of a societal change we

The Sustainability Shake Up

My idea started with having a day ‘off timetable’ for a small group of students. We were to visit a sustainable business in the morning

Beyond Ecophobia

Grow the children empathy by taking them closer to the nature and celebrate Tumpek Kandang