The Unbecoming to Become

A series of spoken language expressing connection of being and nature to our day to day life. Breath a new life of old wisdom from forgotten language into the contemporary world. While mass media flooded and glittered with crippling expression, learning the gravitation pull of our words affect our action to inspire young generation to gather knowledge can help them make better and healthier content before replicating others which indirectly affects the well-being of themselves and others.

Waldorf education brought the essential Inspired learning become clear to me that these aspects are relatable in the attempt of understanding why reading, creating, experimenting, owning, and representing, healing is one process for the holistic development of human existence integrate with each other.

So this video is me trying to sing in spoken language for the first time as attempt to show how can one person go through the hurdle when facing or ask to do for something new and using the Gaia Role play to as someone teaching spoken language and how it feels being captured in camera. In which this case, I can also be subjected to what I am presenting.

When logic minds often only sees object, there’s always something in the plane, interfere the receiver. In this experiment I choose to make a content with the intention to break down a subject of superiority, but non other than a story teller through body movement and language to radiating on the subject matter that meant to be felt by the heart.


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