8 weeks course | 5 June - 31 July 2021 | $575 / IDR 8.510.000

Green Educators Course – Online Foundation Program provides professional development opportunities to hone the skills and knowledge of educators. In this blended learning course, you will learn with a group of motivated educators from all corners of the globe, in an intimate and supportive environment. You will have the chance to exchange ideas, access know-how, share resources, and build relationships. You will be supported in your journey through live interactions with experienced Green School Bali educators and receive individualized feedback.

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What'll you get in the course



Draw inspiration from thought-provoking readings, videos and reflections



Engage in series of webinars that will bring different experiences and thinking to the table



Learn and grow together with a diverse group of Green Educators Course alumni across the globe



Expand your career possibilities and enjoy discounts for other Green Educators program


  • Education Revolution
  • Defining Sustainability
  • Education for Sustainability
  • A Sustainable Mindset
  • Your Mission
  • Mindfulness
  • Critical Chaos
  • Learning Cycles
  • Transformative Practice
  • Reflective Practice
  • Eco-footprints
  • Beyond Ecophobia
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Permaculture Principles
  • Sustainability Lens
  • Mindfulness Exercise
  • The Big Four
  • Green School Skills
  • Green School Values
  • Three Frames of Learning
  • The Walls
  • Teachers & Learners: Relationship-centered Learning
  • Mixed-aged Learning
  • Indoor & Outdoor
  • Classroom & Community
  • Schedule
  • Integrated Learning


Emily Ferguson

Green School Bali Curriculum Advisor |
Green Educators Course Content Developer

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Emily currently oversees the curriculum at Green School Bali and teaches in the high school. Passionate about Education for Sustainability and Social Justice, she holds an MEd in Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development, specializing in transformative teaching and learning. Emily has developed a number of progressive programs at Green School, including projects that integrate with United Nations Climate Conferences and environmental/social justice service projects that focus on local Indonesian community initiatives. 


Emily works closely with the faculty at Green School Bali to develop and oversee the curriculum across all disciplines and levels. Her focus over the past few years has included efforts to align the school's approach to holistic integrated learning as well as efforts to embed skills based and values based learning into planning, instruction and assessments. Recently, she has worked with faculty in new developing Green Schools to train teachers in the Green School Way.

Sal Gordon

Green School Bali Head of Teaching and Learning | Green Educators Course Content Developer

Sal Gordon has been at Green School Bali (GSB) since 2013. He joined the school to teach Mathematics, Science, Thematics; later becoming Head of Middle School for two years - before moving into the ‘Head of Teaching and Learning - Principal’ role in August 2019.


Sal’s path to his current role is somewhat different from the normal ‘Principal’ (but GSB is not your normal school). After completing a Science degree (in the late 1990’s)- and taking a gap-year (before starting a post-grad medical degree) - Sal lived and worked in India for an Health and Environment NGO. He quickly realised that most of what he had learned (in more than 15 years of schooling) was meaningless in the real world.


In a way, he realised that school had impeded his education. Sal’s gap-year turned into a gap decade. He travelled and worked around the world, learning new languages, customs, cultures; working different jobs and upskilling his life-skills; sailing boats, writing books, driving trucks, running warehouses, working in labs, building houses. You name, he probably did it - adapting to everything new (again and again), building resilience, and fine-tuning his love of people, for learning, and for this beautiful planet. After ten years, when starting a family, he knew his true calling was in Teaching and Learning - afterall, that’s what he had been doing all of his life.

Leslie Medema

Green School International
Head of Learning

Leslie has been heading East or West depending on your perspective since leaving her home in South Dakota to complete a Masters in Public Affairs from Princeton University. Her first job in education was as a school bus driver in rural South Dakota (which made public policy look easy).


Her twin passions of education and history took her to Vietnam in 2004, where she taught at Can Tho University as a Princeton in Asia (PiA) fellow before she became the PiA Director of Asian Operations in Singapore until 2011.


During her eight-year tenure at Green School Bali, her team designed and implemented the unique High School programme, while she also served as the Guidance Counselor. Next, she served as the School Principal for four years. Her ‘prouds’ include the Green Stone project, receiving accreditation for the High School curriculum, and an avocado tree that a young learner gave her that still grows.


Leslie oversees the implementation of the Green School curriculum and supports a process to finely calibrate it to celebrate the culture and country of where each school stands on this earth.

Please see the Blended Course Roadmap below.

Live sessions will be conducted once every two weeks on Saturday. On the day of webinar, we’ll go live at 9 AM and 4 PM Bali time (WITA/GMT+8). Please join us according to your time zone and availability.


5 JUNE 2021
Opening Live Event

5 - 18 JUNE 2021
Module 1: Developing a sustainability mindset

19 JUNE 2021
First facilitated online session

19 JUNE - 2 JULY 2021
Module 2: Transformational Teaching & Learning

3 JULY 2021
Second facilitated online session

3 - 16 JULY 2021
Module 3: Building A Framework - Fundamental Elements of Education For Sustainability 

17 JULY 2021
Third facilitated online session 

17 - 30 JULY 2021
Module 4: Wall-less Learning Environment

31 JULY 2021
Closing live event

Still got questions? Check out more information below!

There will be 4 modules spread out over 8 weeks. Ideally, you should dedicate around 3-4 hours per week. Each module is composed of readings, audio recordings, videos, graphics/tables, and assignments. You are encouraged to complete the materials independently before moving on to the next module. In two weeks, we will release a new module for you to discover. The Course Roadmap & Schedule are suggestions to help you plan your time and keep up with the other participants. The course is designed in a way for you to absorb and reflect on ideas on learnings, individually and as a group, rather than to be sped through quickly.

There will be live sessions with our faculty members as the facilitators to meet you virtually and lead the discussion. You would also engage and interact with other participants through the webinars, group, discussion board and forums. Enjoy reading and learning at your own pace but we recommend you to accomplish the modules before the date of each webinar. Review the Course Roadmap & Schedule to plan your time throughout the course.

The Green Educators Course focuses on educators and school administrators, however we welcome anyone who is interested and passionate to learn more about education for sustainability.

You can find the final day of the course in the Course Roadmap & Schedule. After the course ends, you will continue to have access to the assignment gallery, group and Discussion Forum, but you will no longer have access to the course materials. You will be able to stay connected to other members of your group, with the Green Educator Alumni network and with us via platforms and future events.

There is only one firm deadline: To receive your Green Educator Certification, you must participate fully  in the discussion board and complete all the modules, including the final  assignment, within 12 weeks of joining.

Be sure to check out the “Additional Resources” page at the end of every module. You can also go to the Group or Discussion Board for more ways to engage with the community. We will also stay in touch with you to share more learning and networking opportunities.

You will earn a Green Educator Certification if you complete all course requirements. This Foundations course is non-credit bearing.

You will receive a confirmation email after you register for the course. After that, you will receive an email to announce the course start date, and biweekly emails to the release of the live events and new modules. 

This course will have facilitators to manage comments on the discussion board, review your journal and facilitate live sessions. However we cannot guarantee that you will receive feedback on every assignment you did. We encourage you to post your comments or views to the Discussion Board  and request feedback from peers and vice versa. 

Assignments are only visible to you, the Green Educators team, and other students in the current session of the course. They are not accessible to anyone beyond this group. Occasionally, Green Educators may choose to feature the work from a course participant in a story or presentation. However, we will reach out to obtain permission before sharing your work.

We know new platforms can be overwhelming at first but this platform is easy to master if you take a few minutes to access some of the help information. Check out Neo Help Section for instructions about navigating the platform. We will also guide you in navigating the platform during the first introduction webinar.

Send an email to and we’ll get back to you. We’re happy to help!