We are bringing the course back to life! Adapting to the current reality and using the opportunity to break the walls of distance, this course is accessible for anyone, anywhere, allowing educators from across the world to come together and transform education. Green Educators Course – Online Foundation Program provides professional development opportunities to hone the skills and knowledge of educators. 

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Online Foundation Program - Blended Course

8 weeks course | 5 June – 31 July 2021 | $575 / IDR 8.510.000

In this course, you will learn with a group of motivated educators from all corners of the globe, in an intimate and supportive environment. You will have the chance to exchange ideas, access know-how, share resources and build relationships.

Online Foundation Program - Self-paced Course

8 weeks course | 30 April 2021 – 30 April 2022 | $230 / IDR 3.404.000

Dive deeper into a step by step guide of Green School Way of teaching and learning.  Work at your own pace until the final day of course.


  • Understand the wider definition of sustainability and the importance of education for sustainability
  • Reflect and be aware of your personal teaching practice and the new behaviours to implement a transformative practice
  • Make a shift from conventional education to wall-less paradigm of education
  • Develop plans and create new models and strategies that promote learners curiosity, engagement, critical and innovative skills
  • Implement values-based education as the central of learning experiences


Emily Ferguson

Green School Bali Curriculum Advisor |
Green Educators Course Content Developer

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Emily currently oversees the curriculum at Green School Bali and teaches in the High School. Passionate about Education for Sustainability and Social Justice, she holds an MEd in Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development, specializing in transformative teaching and learning. Emily has developed a number of progressive programs at Green School, including projects that integrate with United Nations Climate Conferences and environmental/social justice service projects that focus on local Indonesian community initiatives. 


Emily works closely with the faculty at Green School Bali to develop and oversee the curriculum across all disciplines and levels. Her focus over the past few years has included efforts to align the school's approach to holistic integrated learning as well as efforts to embed skills based and values based learning into planning, instruction and assessments. Recently, she has worked with faculty in new developing Green Schools to train teachers in the Green School Way.

Sal Gordon

Green School Bali Head of Teaching and Learning |
Green Educators Course Content Developer

Sal Gordon has been at Green School Bali since 2013. He joined the school to teach Mathematics, Science, Thematics; later becoming Head of Middle School for two years - before moving into the ‘Head of Teaching and Learning - Principal’ role in August 2019.


Sal is an ‘education revolutionary’ and he believes that Green School as a new model of what a school of the future needs to do and be, is well-placed to drive the revolution that this planet needs. Sal is passionate about how humans need to adapt (to bend like bamboo) - and how life-skills and values need to be the foundation of all learning experiences for all students. Living in an ever-changing world, education systems have an obligation to adapt to new and current world problems. As Sal puts it, ‘children’s ability to adapt will determine the future of humans on this planet.’

Desy Octavia

Green School Bali Green Educators Manager |
Green Educators Course Content Developer

Growing up in a small town in Sumatera Island - Indonesia, Desy has always been closed to nature. She continued to nurture her passion for the environment by being involved in various environmental movements. Before jumping fully into the world of education and sustainability, she explored various fields of interests and one of them is Chinese literature. She went to Guangzhou, China for a year and earned her fluency in Chinese. This skill enabled her to meet and connect with people from around the world. After teaching kindergarten in Jakarta, Desy moved to Bali and currently is responsible for the Green Educators program at Green School Bali. She believes in creating a program that empowers educators from all over the world to embody the value of sustainability into education for a better future of our planet.

Leslie Medema

Green School International Head of Learning |
Green Educators Course Content Reviewer

Leslie has been heading East or West depending on your perspective since leaving her home in South Dakota to complete a Masters in Public Affairs from Princeton University. Her first job in education was as a school bus driver in rural South Dakota (which made public policy look easy). Her twin passions of education and history took her to Vietnam in 2004, where she taught at Can Tho University as a Princeton in Asia (PiA) fellow before she became the PiA Director of Asian Operations in Singapore until 2011.


During her eight-year tenure at Green School Bali, her team designed and implemented the unique High School programme, while she also served as the Guidance Counselor. Next, she served as the School Principal for four years. Her ‘prouds’ include the Green Stone project, receiving accreditation for the High School curriculum, and an avocado tree that a young learner gave her that still grows. Leslie oversees the implementation of the Green School curriculum and supports a process to finely calibrate it to celebrate the culture and country of where each school stands on this earth.

Carolina da Riva

Green School Bali Manager of Community Enterprises |
Green Educators Program Advisor

Passionate about sustainability and education, Carol has traveled the globe as a photographer, documenting different cultures and landscapes. The opportunity to see the world and learn from traditional communities has engaged her in the mission of trying to preserve our planet, its natural resources, and its indigenous knowledge. Education is the key to her mission. Since 2015 Carol had joined the Green School Bali team and has worked across different projects at school. She is the co-founder of The Bridge, the Green School for Grown-Ups, was the manager of the Green School Student Village for 4 years, and now is fully immerse in supporting Green Educator course and Green School anywhere digital platform, bringing the already amazing on-campus curriculum to every screen in the world.

Kate Druhan

Green School Bali Head of Community & Environment |
Green Educators Program Advisor


Sarita Pockell

Former Green Educators
Program Lead

Sarita is an education for sustainability specialist who is passionate about using a human design, systems-thinking approach to create extraordinary learning experiences aimed at regenerating our broken systems. After nearly 7 years of curriculum leadership with Green School Bali, Sarita joined Women's Earth Alliance (WEA). She has lived and worked as a educator and musician in Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Croatia, and Indonesia. Sarita has a Masters in Education for Sustainability at Antioch University, studied cultural anthropology at Northern Arizona University and received her Bachelors Ed from Goddard College.

Jackie Pye

Former Green Educators Education Lead

Jackie is a project manager who is passionate about creating a better world for the youth through mental wellness programs and youth engagement. Her background is in designing, developing and managing mental health and wellness programs in schools with a focus on addictions, youth engagement and environmental education. Jackie has been fortunate to do this work at some of the most challenging and inspiring programs, communities, and natural campuses in the world.

John Schroeder

Former Green Educators
Media Specialist

John Schroeder is an educator, filmmaker, musician, designer and permaculture practitioner. After his tenure as Video Director for Academy of Art San Francisco's online campus, he joined Green School Bali teaching High School music, video production, Big History and filmmaking. The balance of his filmmaking expertise and dedication to lifelong, earth-engaged education led him to join the team designing Green School's teacher trainings.