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Green Educators Programme – Online Foundation Course provides professional development opportunities to hone the skills and knowledge of educators. In this blended learning course, you will learn with a group of motivated educators from all corners of the globe, in an intimate and supportive environment. You will have the chance to exchange ideas, access know-how, share resources, and build relationships. You will be supported in your journey through live interactions with experienced Green School Bali educators, interactive discussion boards and guided self-reflective practices.

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What'll you get in the course



Draw inspiration from thought-provoking readings, videos and reflections



Engage in series of webinars that will bring different experiences and thinking to the table



Learn and grow together with a diverse group of Green Educators Course alumni across the globe



Expand your career possibilities and enjoy discounts for other Green Educators program


  • Understand the wider definition of sustainability and the importance of education for sustainability
  • Reflect and be aware of your personal teaching practice and the new behaviours to implement a transformative practice
  • Make a shift from conventional education to wall-less paradigm of education
  • Develop plans and create new models and strategies that promote learners curiosity, engagement, critical and innovative skills
  • Implement values-based education as the central of learning experiences


  • Education Revolution
  • Defining Sustainability
  • Education for Sustainability
  • A Sustainable Mindset
  • Your Mission
  • Mindfulness
  • Critical Chaos
  • Learning Cycles
  • Transformative Practice
  • Reflective Practice
  • Eco-footprints
  • Beyond Ecophobia
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Permaculture Principles
  • Sustainability Lens
  • The Big Four
  • Green School Skills
  • Green School Values
  • Three Frames of Learning
  • The Walls
  • Teachers & Learners: Relationship-centered Learning
  • Mixed-aged Learning
  • Indoor & Outdoor
  • Classroom & Community
  • Schedule
  • Integrated Learning


Sal Gordon

Head of Teaching and Learning

Sal Gordon has been at Green School Bali (GSB) since 2013. He joined the school to teach Mathematics, Science, Thematics; later becoming Head of Middle School for two years - before moving into the ‘Head of Teaching and Learning - Principal’ role in August 2019.


Sal’s path to his current role is somewhat different from the normal ‘Principal’ (but GSB is not your normal school). After completing a Science degree (in the late 1990’s)- and taking a gap-year (before starting a post-grad medical degree) - Sal lived and worked in India for an Health and Environment NGO. He quickly realised that most of what he had learned (in more than 15 years of schooling) was meaningless in the real world.


In a way, he realised that school had impeded his education. Sal’s gap-year turned into a gap decade. He travelled and worked around the world, learning new languages, customs, cultures; working different jobs and upskilling his life-skills; sailing boats, writing books, driving trucks, running warehouses, working in labs, building houses. You name, he probably did it - adapting to everything new (again and again), building resilience, and fine-tuning his love of people, for learning, and for this beautiful planet. After ten years, when starting a family, he knew his true calling was in Teaching and Learning - afterall, that’s what he had been doing all of his life.

Noan Fesnoux

Lead Course Designer & Developer

Noan has been working as an educator since 2003. With a degree in Marine Biology from Guelph University and a Masters in Educational Technology from the University of British Columbia, Noan consistently brings students into the only classroom that really matters: nature. He has worked with multiple startups in building bespoke programs tailored to the needs of the organization. In Vancouver, he helped establish Little Mountain Learning Academy, bringing the school from inception to one with 130 students. Over eight years at Green School Bali, Indonesia, Noan developed several programs core to the school, including Green Studies and an impactful experiential learning program for students Grade 6-12, and LEAP Academy. He moved to Budapest in July 2019 to start up the REAL School of Budapest, Hungary, a K-12 academic institution with a focus on sustainability and project-based learning. 

Luh Peni Betasari

High School National Principal

Born and raised in Bali, Peni Betasari started her career at Green School in 2009 as a Primary teacher. After 10 years of teaching in Primary, Peni got the opportunity to learn and develop her knowledge and abilities by becoming a National School Principal in High School. It was a big step on her learning journey. Peni is heavily involved with government matters such as national accreditation, national examinations for Indonesian students, various competitions and seminars in Indonesia, and other bureaucratic matters. She also supports and facilitates the needs of Indonesian students in High School with finding universities in Indonesia, issuing national certificates and so on. Peni actively coordinates with the LSP (Local Scholarship Program) team at the Green School Bali Foundation. She has helped various activities/programs in High School related to local culture and community as well as Indonesian language programs. Her next goal is to enrich the High School program by creating events/opportunities to connect Green School students with the local community. Bringing more local culture to Green School is one of her dreams.

Rahayu Kusuma Pratiwi

High School Science & Math Teacher

Rahayu is a lifelong learner who arrived at Green School Bali five years ago. She is currently the High School Science and Mathematics teacher. This year, Rahayu is stepping out of her comfort zone and starting developing the Model United Nations Club in High School. During her time at Green School, Rahayu has worked on Jalan-Jalan class, co-teaching, project-based learning, service trips to Borneo, and supporting the Menstruation Mission project. Borneo's service trip was her big success to explore forest conservation and other inspirational work from Borneo Nature Foundation, Rainforest Connection, Ranu Welum, and Ransel Buku to protect the precious tropical peatland forest. Working alongside students both in the triumphs and the challenges is what drives her passion for teaching. One of her goals is to create an active and engaging learning experience along with sustainability concepts. Rahayu believes that thinking creatively, adapting and collaboration are the most important skills for future education.

Please see the Blended Course Roadmap below.

Workshops will be conducted once every two weeks on Saturday. On the day of webinar, we’ll go live at 9 AM and 4 PM Bali time (WITA/GMT+8). Please join us according to your time zone and availability.


Still got questions? Check out more information below!

There will be 4 modules spread out over 10 weeks. Ideally, you should dedicate around 4-5 hours per week. Each module is composed of readings, audio recordings, videos, graphics/tables, and assignments. You are encouraged to complete the materials independently before moving on to the next module. In two weeks, we will release a new module for you to discover. The Course Roadmap & Schedule are suggestions to help you plan your time and keep up with the other participants. The course is designed in a way for you to absorb and reflect on ideas on learnings, individually and as a group, rather than to be sped through quickly.

There will be live sessions with our faculty members as the facilitators to meet you virtually and lead the discussion. You would also engage and interact with other participants through the webinars, group, discussion board and forums. Enjoy reading and learning at your own pace but we recommend you to accomplish the modules before the date of each webinar. Review the Course Roadmap & Schedule to plan your time throughout the course.

The Green Educators Course focuses on educators and school administrators, however we welcome anyone who is interested and passionate to learn more about education for sustainability.

You can find the final day of the course in the Course Roadmap & Schedule.  The module and course material will be accessible for 6 months. You will be able to stay connected to other members of your group, with the Green Educator Alumni network and with us through our platforms and future events.

There is only one firm deadline: To receive your certificate of completion, you must participate fully  in the discussion boards and complete all the modules, journal activities, and final project, within 10 weeks of joining.

Be sure to check out the “Additional Resources” page at the end of every module. You can also go to the Group or Discussion Board for more ways to engage with the community. We will also stay in touch with you to share more learning and networking opportunities.

You will earn a Green Educators certificate of completion if you complete all course requirements. This Foundation course is non-credit bearing and not accredited yet. 

You will receive a confirmation email after you register for the course. After that, you will receive an email to announce the course start date, and biweekly emails to the release of the live events and new modules. 

This course will have facilitators commenting on the discussion boards, your journals and final project. However we cannot guarantee that you will receive feedback on every assignment you did. We encourage you to post your comments or views to the Discussion Board  and request feedback from peers and vice versa. 

Assignments are only visible to you, the Green Educators team, and other students in the current session of the course. They are not accessible to anyone beyond this group. Occasionally, Green Educators may choose to feature the work from a course participant in a story or presentation. However, we will reach out to obtain permission before sharing your work.

We know new platforms can be overwhelming at first but this platform is easy to master if you take a few minutes to access some of the help information. Check out the Learning Management System (LMS) Help Section for instructions about navigating the platform. We will also guide you in navigating the platform during the first introduction webinar and share tutorial videos along the way.

Send an email to and we’ll get back to you. We’re happy to help!