Interdisciplinary Thematic Units as the Key to Student Engagement

How can we engage low-income students, many whom have experienced trauma, in engaging and meaningful learning?


2 thoughts on “Interdisciplinary Thematic Units as the Key to Student Engagement”

  1. Hey Carissa, couldn’t relate more to what you said. I worked around the same concept for a while and was grateful to be part of such a project. The excerpts you shared from the book were pretty insightful. I aim to research more on this and spread this awareness in the families.
    Thanks and all the best 🙂

  2. Thank you Carrisa, the quote in regards to connecting to nature before asking to save it, is so powerful. I feel we rush to pressure kids to understand the issues too early. Where if we start with building the love of nature first then the drive to protect nature will come more naturally in time. without causing trauma of climate disaster. Very thought provoking as I start this journey. Thanks and be well!

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