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There are 4 modules that you can access for 12 months starting from the day you enrolled in the course. Each module is composed of readings, multimedia files, downloadable PDF files, and concept-checking quizzes. They are designed in a way to guide you through the stages of concept development.  

At the end of each module, there will be a space for discussions and reflections. You are encouraged to complete the materials independently and engage with your peers through the unfacilitated discussion boards. Please note that no feedback will be given for Self-paced Course participants, however our facilitators might occasionally jump into the discussions.

This is a non-facilitated online course. We encourage you to post comments to the forums and request or provide feedback to your peers. This will nurture a collective and collaborative learning environment for everyone. 

You will be awarded a number of credits for each course you completed on time. Green Educators Course Credits translate roughly into the hours committed to the practice of becoming a Green Educator. GEC Certificates are granted to those who have completed 100 credits of courses, including the Final Project. For more details, check out the Certification page