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  • This course is designed for anyone who is passionate and interested in putting sustainability at the center of their daily life, especially for school teachers and administrators.
  • Basic English speaking, listening and reading comprehension is required.
  • Participants have to be over 18 years of age and committed to engage actively during the transfer of learning process with facilitators, colleagues and peers.

Participants will stay overnight on the east side of Green School campus. During the stay, you will experience green living at its finest while sleeping in Green Camp Lodge - a breezy, beautiful and comfortable bamboo dormitory with bamboo bunk bed that can accommodate up to 40 people in one lodge. The room is equipped with ceiling fans, mosquito nets, lock box for valuables, sheets, blankets and towels. Female and male will stay in different rooms with separate bathroom facilities. You can also upgrade your stay to a Private Yurt for an additional charge. The yurt fits for 4 people with 2 bunk beds - stay with your own comfort or share with a small group.

The price of the course is all inclusive and we highly recommend this. Staying together with your peers builds connections and bonds that last for a lifetime. For those who are already residing in Bali, you can choose to return to your own home in the evening but there won’t be any discount on the price.

We will serve a variety of tasty Indonesian and Western vegetarian organic food, prepared by Green School’s amazing kitchen team. Coffee, tea and snacks are also provided throughout the course. Any dietary restrictions can be listed on the registration form.

Participants are expected to be punctual and encouraged to participate around 8 hours per day or equal to 60 hours of program during the week for Onsite Foundations Course. If for some reason participants need to leave and couldn’t attend some sessions, please make sure to inform us in advance.

Certificates of Completion will be given to participants at the end of the course.