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We have our first aid stations with experienced nurses on standby during regular school hours and there are a number of hospitals that we can call on in case of an emergency and also a 24-hours security team on campus. Emergency procedures will be discussed upon arriving at Green School. For any further concerns about health related issues, please contact us directly.

Feel free to step away from the group at any time for your religious practices. We’re happy to suggest a quiet location on campus to step away to as well. There are some church and mosques nearby but participants have to arrange their own transport to and from there.

Participants will be on campus during school hours but we make all efforts not to disturb classes and regular programmes of students and teachers. There may be moments built into the course where participants will engage with our students but these will be planned and discussed. Please be aware not to take pictures of our students and teachers as this is against our School policies.

We do not provide any childcare and we ask that you don’t invite visitors or children to the campus during the course for community privacy and safety reasons.  All visitors may join a public tour of the School which runs from 9 - 10 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Details about the public tour can be found by visiting our website here.

We aim to offer the programme 3 times a year (excluding any potential customized courses).

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Depends on where you are from – check this link for further details.