Green School Bali is open for learning. From August 2020, our students and teachers have been back in the jungle and back with each other in an innovative, thoughtful, and dynamic learning program that is pure Green School. Our blended learning approach combines onsite experiences with offsite and home learning, here in beautiful Bali.

Our wall-less learning structures, vast jungle spaces, and the tropical climate of Bali are the perfect recipe for open-air and outdoor learning. Combined with sensible COVID precautions, we have adapted to the times with the same enduring spirit that has been part of the Green School way from the very beginning.

With COVID protocols in place, we remain firmly committed to the wellbeing and holistic growth of our students. At the same time, we honor and respect the people and protocols of Bali, Indonesia.

We continue to welcome new and returning families from across the globe and support our students to thrive during this challenging time. Embracing the challenges, finding the opportunities, and ensuring our students are empowered learners is our number one priority.

On the other hand, the onsite Green Educators Course will be postponed temporarily due to travel restrictions and government regulations. Once the situation gets better and travel restriction is loosened, we will definitely be back in welcoming educators from across the world to learn and share together in our beautiful jungle campus. Meanwhile, we are launching our online course soon. Please stay tuned!