Green Educator Certificate
Program Overview

About the program

The Green Educator Certificate Program is a series of courses and learning experiences that participants may follow to obtain Green Educator Certification.

FOUNDATIONS – The pathway starts with the Foundation Course – learners will develop a broad understanding of Wall-less learning, exchange ideas, access know-how, share resources, and build relationships with a group of motivated educators from all corners of the globe.

MICROLEARNING – Following this, learners may choose from an ever-growing number of microlearning courses (1-4 hours long), which develop their expertise in wall-less learning. They are short, actionable, and impactful learning experiences relevant to their professional context.

KNOWLEDGE SHARE – The Green Educator Certificate is rewarded to those who have completed the required credits and a final project. Students are onboarded in small groups, who work together and support each other throughout the process. The Final Projects in the GEC Certificate Program give back to the community, helping to grow and expand the amazing practices that lead to wall-less learning worldwide!

Be part of the change

The Certificate program is a generative community, where the participants earn their certificate by continuing to grow and develop the Open Microlearning Course Bank. Each of these final projects builds off the practice of being a “Wall-less” learner and extends the approach far and wide.


Be part of the community

The Green Educators Community embraces inclusivity through providing valuable learning resources to the public, limiting the paywall to courses that require facilitation. The course is designed on ‘value-added’ and ‘pay to publish’ strategies that allow for maximum impact on scaling a progressive pedagogy, embracing 21st Century values around sharing, but still being able to generate revenue to maintain viability.

How does the credit system work?

Green Educator Course Credits translate roughly into the hours committed to the practice of becoming a Green Educator. GEC Certificates are awarded to those who have completed 100 credits of courses, including the Final Project.

All paths to GEC Certification start with the Foundations Course. To maximize flexibility, learners may choose between a blended and self-paced course experience, each offering its distinct advantages and ultimately leading you on the road to becoming a Green Educator.

Following the Foundations course, learners may choose from a variety of core and open Microlearning courses that suit their specific needs, each of which provides 2-5 Credits. As the learner nears completion of the required credits for their pathway, they can apply to do their final project and join the esteemed ranks of Certified Green Educators.

Discover what it means to teach in a wall-less environment

What does sustainability mean and how does education plays a pivotal role in building a sustainable future for all of us?

Getting Help

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