The global movement calling for a shift in our education systems is gathering increasing momentum. We all see the need for change. For breaking down the walls of education, for finding new, 21st century approaches that allow educators to soar. For students to become the best version of themselves and to find their own unique potential. For educators and students, together, to become stewards of the earth now and for future generations.

These are exciting times, full of possibilities and challenges. Supporting educators to make a shift includes equipping them with skills and know-how. We are here to help you to be part of the solution.

As part of Green Educators program, Green Educators Course (GEC) provides a professional development training for educators around the world. Dynamic courses run out throughout the year, unpacking the pedagogy and fundamental design principles of Green School’s holistic, student-centered and nature-based curriculum.

This course aims to answer the following questions:
  • Why do we put sustainability at the center of our teaching and learning?
  • What are the paradigms of wall-less education?
  • What skills, behaviours, values, and mindset do we need in order to create a world that works for all?
  • What are the characteristics of transformational teaching and learning?
  • What models and design strategies can we use to deliver Education for Sustainability?

Since 2013, Green Educators Courses have brought together like-minded educators from all over the world with interests in progressing education in our changing environmental, social, and economic global landscape. The program provides opportunities to not only learn from what Green School has to offer, but is a platform to explore, share and expand ideas with others. Learning is a collaborative process between participants and the Green School community. Green School Bali educators and community members share know-how and insights with participants to offer a truly unique and enriching educational experience.


Promote a shift towards sustainability and regenerative mindset and lifestyle by using education as a tool


Creating a global network of educators inspired to spread sustainable education throughout the globe, one classroom at a time.

Join more than 600 alumni who have participated in this program over the past 6 years. Join a network of educators from more than 50 countries. Take your place in the movement in educating for sustainability. Join us in the #greeneducators movement for the future – now!